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Article: Calorie restriction and sirtuins

Calorie restriction and sirtuins - Charava UK

Calorie restriction and sirtuins

Sirtuins have recently been theorised to have the power to lengthen a person's healthy lifetime. According to research, calorie restriction can enhance these sirtuins' actions. But how do they function as such a potentially potent team?

Calorie Restriction

Calorie restriction is a form of dietary plan in which the person reduces food intake level, but importantly, to levels that will not have negative consequences on your body or mind. 

Because it is distinct for each person, the phrase "reduce" is fairly broad. The number of calories you consumed prior to making this dietary modification will determine how much you lower your calorie consumption.

It has been demonstrated that cutting calories by 20–30% while still meeting nutritional needs can prevent or treat age-related illnesses. This covers conditions including cancer, heart disease, and dementia.

It is crucial to speak with your doctor before considering whether calorie restriction is a strategy that would be effective for you. Starting this kind of food programme without first visiting a doctor can be dangerous.


A sirtuin is a type of protein. These proteins play a role in controlling several cellular functions. Cell death, ageing, and stress resistance are all included in this. They may also aid in DNA repair in the cells of your body. 

The Effects of Calorie Restriction Are Mediated by Sirtuins

The effects of calorie restriction have been the subject of numerous investigations. The fact that it can assist increase a healthy lifespan was one of the most significant.

Simplice species like yeast and fruit flies were used in studies after it was found that sirtuins are a class of ageing regulators. The outcomes point to sirtuins as a possible mediator of the effects of caloric restriction.

The yeast experiments produced the clearest results. The yeast's NAD levels rose as a result of the calorie restriction. This is a crucial piece of proof in favour of sirtuin activation during calorie restriction.

Worms and fruit flies had similar outcomes. However, calorie restriction has been shown to boost sirtuin activity in the body's tissues in tests done on mice.

The combined body of research does demonstrate that sirtuins' contributions to longevity do result in people reaping the full rewards of calorie restriction.


It would be advantageous to include a sirtuin-activating component in your calorie-restricted diet. This is due to the fact that increasing your sirtuins is extremely advantageous to your body and can assist to improve both your health and longevity outcomes. It has been demonstrated to be more beneficial than caloric restriction. However, you will get the best effects if you combine the two as part of your diet.



Nothing mentioned in this article is considered medical advice. Always consult with your doctor first before taking any supplements. 

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